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FXC empowers growth companies and their ecosystems to create a more sustainable planet faster together.


People & Funds


  • Transparency and insight
  • Exclusive opportunities
  • Reduced risk
  • High quality co-investors
  • Increased liquidity


Ambitious and conscious SMEs


  • Solid financial advisors
  • Insight into operations
  • Relevant competence & investors
  • Always ready to raise capital
  • Increased liquidity

Service providers

Diligent professionals with expertise


  • Support innovative companies
  • Gain relevant clients
  • Assist when and where it really matters
  • Promote your services
  • Collaborate more efficiently
Next generation funding platform
FXC is a high quality financial platform for serious investors and exciting companies in the private market.

Through our groundbreaking insight and risk reducing investment models we will provide effective matching of capital, competence and network in the shortest possible time. FXC will also provide a groundbreaking solution for making the private aftermarket liquid while protecting the vital interests of growth companies.

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